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Jerry School management philosophy!Family Culture
Jerry school is just like a big family, in which the managers are playing the roles of relatives of the employees as well as teachers, while employees all consider it as a harbor and a paradise. Such a culture as there is has been promoting the healthy growth of Jerry School.

The core of Jerry School
The Family Culture has been in the exercise of the functions of the home, in accompany with the efforts and the achievements of all family members. Jerry is for to nourish comprehensive growth.

In terms of the teacher team management, Jerry School has always concerned about the growth of every teacher. The collective newly recruited teachers lecture, blackboard game, teaching Talent Competition and other activities have improved classroom teaching levels and various capacity. The yearly Presidents Forum, chaired by the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Zhang Jiancheng, and all other kinds of events, have given a lot of guidance to middle and senior managers in a team on the operation and management.

The execution of an enterprise determines the pace of development of the enterprise. Jerry School¨s promotion can not be separated from family members. Activities yield fruitful returns and effective cooperation and implementation of this team played an essential role.

Jerry School `s pace of development can not be copied by any training institution. Since Jerry School officially entered a period of expansion from 2009, branches and accordingly the students have experienced a spiral soaring growth. Because each Jerryer has regarded Jerry as his home, everyone in the home is definitely willing to pay efforts for the home, which in return, has laid the foundation for Jerry's success today.

What we gave employees more is the power of love and expectations, rather than severely punishment, more encouragement instead of criticism and blame. Scientific system of performance appraisal system, reasonable department analysis and personal shortcomings make it a clear direction for improvement.

Who is he?

    Zhang Jiancheng, the chairman and president of Beijing Jierui Tianxia Educational Technology. Co., Ltd., graduated from the School of Foreign Studies in Peking University with a master¨s degree in law, majoring communication. After graduation, he became a journalist in Beijing. In the year of 2004, he quit his job and established Jerry training school.

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