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Our history

Jerry School, which was originally named Relaxing English first and specialized in training the university students and adults, was officially established in August 2004.

In May 2005, the founder of Jerry School made an important decision that the school was renamed as Jerry School which focused on English training for primary school and middle school students.

In December 2005, Jerry School was awarded the honor of ¡®the Most Famous Foreign Language Training School¡¯ as well as ¡®the Excellent Training School for Children¡¯ in the 2005 Annual Selection of Training Schools that was organized by famous mass media such as Sina Website and so on.

In August 2006, Jerry School organized a Summer Camp. Over one hundred students from all around China and others from Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong took part in this activity, which made the Camp an international family. The organization of Jerry School Summer Camp was proved to be very successful in the end.

Because of the excellent scores of GESE, Jerry School was honored ¡®the Recommened Training School for GESE¡¯ in October 2006 and has established a good relation with Education and Examination Committee ever since.

In May 2007, Jerry School established his first branch¡ªFlagship Demonstration School in Gong Zhufen.

In September 2008, Jerry School successfully merged two largest branches of the well-known educational institutions to set up Madian Branch and Huayuancun Branch.

In December 2009, Jerry Education Group became the organizer of English Talent Show in Beijing and the national finals, officially establishing good cooperative relations with the Palace Association, the committee for the Young Pioneers and Career Development Center.

In June 2010, Jerry School was elected as the third National Outstanding Out-campus Education Training Institutions by High School Education Committee, Junior School Education Committee and Primary Education of China Education Society.

In July 2011, the first tour of America summer camp.

In June 2012, the executives of Jerry School paid a friendly visit to Owairoa School in New Zealand, and an office in New Zealand was established then.

In July 2012, the "Happy Young learners English of Jerry School" was awarded the Most Innovative Course by Beijing Association for the Promotion of Science and Technology Education, Women and Children Expo Organizing Committee and the Beijing News Society.

Who is he?

¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡Zhang Jiancheng, the chairman and president of Beijing Jierui Tianxia Educational Technology. Co., Ltd., graduated from the School of Foreign Studies in Peking University with a master¡¯s degree in law, majoring communication. After graduation, he became a journalist in Beijing. In the year of 2004, he quit his job and established Jerry training school.

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