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Happy thinking English
The pioneer of domestic brands in young learner English. It covers the pronunciation and writing of 26 English letters, the recognition of English words, basic communication, family description, daily activities and some other courses. It has the complete curricular system and service.

3T English
3T Advanced English covers vocabulary, common sentence structures, practice of listening and speaking, everyday conversations, 16 tenses, grammar, common phrases and so on, making the English grammar not a dull thing but a formula and making it easy for you to master.

Oral English
We are the founder of easy formulas for English grammar in primary and secondary schools. With the love for English, we revel in a wonderful atmosphere of oral English. There is a group of excellent oral English experts creating an authentic English-speaking world for every student.

Mathematics courses in Jerry School focus on the learning effects and resolve the most actual questions for students and parents. No matter how the students¡¯ ability is, the teachers here will treat everyone alike, improve the students¡¯ ability to solve problems and equip them with a greater number of problem-solving skills.

Physics courses in Jerry School combine experiments with content in order to make the students have the most intuitive awareness of physics through the most intuitive way of teaching. The teachers will enhance the explanation of the basic concepts and knowledge and improve the students¡¯ physics ability quickly through the teaching model of careful teaching, practicing and testing.

Chemistry teachers in Jerry School will lead the students into the wonderful world of chemistry through the interesting aspects of chemistry, making students have a brand-new sensory awareness and have a great interest in chemistry. We will help students lay a solid foundation through our professional teaching models, humorous language, and relaxing atmosphere.

Happy Chinese in Jerry School will not only drive the students¡¯ interest in learning Chinese , but also drive the learning passion for some other subjects. Happy Chinese courses will enrich the students¡¯ thoughts, train the students¡¯ thinking, cultivate the students to be aware of life and understand the social sensitive events.

Who is he?

¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡Zhang Jiancheng, the chairman and president of Beijing Jierui Tianxia Educational Technology. Co., Ltd., graduated from the School of Foreign Studies in Peking University with a master¡¯s degree in law, majoring communication. After graduation, he became a journalist in Beijing. In the year of 2004, he quit his job and established Jerry training school.

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